For each organization people are the most valuable asset and so they are for Seito. Our company is formed by a team of over 1,600 employees in various branches located in Poland. We aim at providing the best working conditions to all. That is why we are constantly improving our benefits system, which makes work atmosphere in Seito special.

What do we offer?


Ranking of managers, leaders and line employees – a cyclical event in Seito’s calendar. The results are announced every year in December during an event summarizing company business activities. On the one hand, it allows for some healthy competition and on the other hand helps take care of quality and safety of work. These two elements constitute basic criteria in the ranking.


“Seito News” – a newsletter issued for Seito employees informing them about important events as well as allowing to write about one’s own passions.


Special awards – granted for the most interesting Kaizen ideas implemented in our branches. We also award our employees who contributed to protecting health and life of other people.


Turniej Mistrzów –  a contest promoting good results in final exams taken by graduates. The contest has been successfully organized for the last 5 years and the winners have been awarded with laptops and tablets that are certainly an aid in the process of their education.


Medical and sports packages – As we really want to take care of the health of our employees, we provide reimbursement of the costs of medical care and participation in sports activities.


Cooperation with WSB University  – our employees have the possibility to choose a field of study matching their interests and continue their education at preferential prices in a variety of locations owing to our agreement with WSB University.


Internal training – we regularly organize training for our employees in order for them to broaden their knowledge of work safety and the proper realization of services. Moreover, all the training materials are complemented with videos and presentations.


Life insurance – we also offer life insurance on favourable terms as well as plenty of offers regarding the purchase of goods and services.