Recruitment in Seito is a process that consists of several steps which enable us to get to know the candidate.






Step One – Job Advertisement

We begin each recruitment process by placing an advertisement. All the applications which we receive are thoroughly analysed to check if candidates meet the requirements.

Step Two – Interview

The candidate who meets the requirements is invited to an interview during which we check the information included in application documents as well as the candidate’s theoretical and practical knowledge. A job interview is an excellent chance for candidates to present themselves and ask questions.

Step Three – Decision

On the basis of the information gathered during the recruitment process a decision is made both by us and the candidate. Each candidate who participates in a job interview receives feedback concerning the results by mail or by phone.

During each recruitment step we pay close attention to high standards of maintaining contact with the candidates. We are guided by the principles according to which candidates gain comprehensive knowledge about job offers and the rules which are applied to our employees.


We always make sure that candidates have the necessary information about the recruitment process in which they participate. We answer their questions and provide feedback about the recruitment results.


The advertisements we place include complete information about the requirements that candidates must meet as well as the description of the post in question.


Candidates data are protected. We do not share information about them with anybody.