Recruitment in SEITO consists in several steps which help to get to know the candidate better.






1st step – Job offer

Each recruitment process begins with posting a job offer. The applications are thoroughly analyzed in terms of the formal criteria a candidate has to meet to fulfill their future tasks.

2nd step – Interview

A candidate whose profile meets our recruitment needs is invited to an interview. This step allows to verify the information gathered in application documents as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidate. Such a meeting is an excellent chance to present oneself.

3rd step – Decision

On the basis of the previous recruitment steps a decision is made both by us and the candidate.

Each candidate receives feedback concerning the recruitment process by means of an e-mail or a phone call.

What’s important we pay attention to creating good candidate experience.


We always make sure that the candidates are informed about the process of recruitment they participate in. We answer their questions and build positive relations.


Our job offers are transparent and set clear requirements concerning a given recruitment process.


We protect candidate personal data and share it with no one.