• Certyfikat 2021 (002)

    The highest quality confirmed

    The audits conducted by an external company have once again confirmed the standard of our work. We are proud to […]

  • Ogłoszenie wyników

    Turniej Mistrzów 2020 – results

    Time to sum up this year’s Turniej Mistrzów. The winners in the categories of primary and secondary schools were the […]

  • aktualnosco (2)

    Turniej Mistrzów 2020

    This year, due to the situation related to the coronavirus threat, exams for primary and secondary school graduates were held […]

  • modern

    Modern Warehouse 2019

    This year’s autumn is rich in events. This time we are waiting for the Modern Warehouse Congress ( organized in […]

  • 20191009_104943

    Thank you for the Polish Manufacturing Excellence Summit

    The conference, which took place in Warsaw on October 8th and 9th, is not only exchange of information, but also […]

  • Ogłoszenie wyników

    Zwycięzcy 2019

    This year, our competition Turniej Mistrzów turned out to be extremely popular. 17 graduates of primary, middle and secondary schools […]

  • turniej20192

    Turmiej Mistrzów 2019

    We would like to announce the beginning of the already known contest – Turniej Mistrzów. From today on, we are […]

  • W6

    Happy New Year

    At the beginning of December, we organized a meeting to summarize the past year. It was attended by the representatives […]

  • SLK_4985

    The 15th Forum of Polish Logistics Managers is behind us

    As promised, the Forum was held in a very good atmosphere conducive to the exchange of knowledge. These were two […]

  • TM2018

    Turniej Mistrzów 2018 – results

    The time has come to announce this year’s results. Turniej Mistrzów 2018   Middle school: 1st– Stanisław Szmyt – Mosina […]