Offshoring – services within the European Union

We look at offshoring from a very broad perspective. We provide services in all EU countries, as well as support the process of business relocation to Poland. Our clients can count on our support in terms of, among other things, transport of equipment, legal assistance, delivery of appropriate machinery and provision of qualified teams of employees



How exactly does it work?

We recruit Polish workers with the right qualifications to work in our client’s plant. Similarly, to Poland, we provide internal transport and production line maintenance outsourcing services in EU countries. Successful candidates undergo preparatory training at our training centre in Poland. At the same time, the legalisation of their stay and work abroad is prepared. Apart from employment, we provide our employees with accommodation as well as permanent care of Polish coordinators.


By employing our team at your facility outside Poland, you can get to know the quality of our services. This allows you to make a decision whether to use offshoring services, i.e., to transfer your business activity – or part of it – to Poland.


Benefits of Offshoring


Entrepreneurs from EU countries who decide to move their business to Poland can count on benefits that allow them to quickly achieve a significant optimization of operating costs by means of:

  1. lower costs of running a business
  2. the possibility of locating a company in a Special Economic Zone and benefiting from preferential business conditions and tax exemptions
  3. assistance in tax and legal matters
  4. employment of well-prepared and trained teams of Ukrainian and Filipino workers participating in assimilation programmes implemented by Seito.


For entrepreneurs deciding to relocate production lines, warehouse management and logistics processes to Poland, we guarantee to take full responsibility for the proper course of their processes.

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