Outsourcing of internal transport or production processes gives entrepreneurs the confidence that their processes are in the hands of specialists. It is a decision worth making when you need to improve processes, optimize your own operating costs or when you are facing a problem of employee fluctuation. Outsourcing ensures the development of the designated area and allows you to use the latest technological solutions in a given industry. This approach is a chance to gain a clear competitive advantage.

In order for the implementation of logistics outsourcing services not to disturb the company’s core operations, it is important to choose a reliable partner who will be entrusted with handling your own processes. Our operation is based on the belief that outsourcing should not be about looking for savings at the expense of process quality. We understand that the economic aspect is extremely important, however our experience shows that skillful process management leads to a better use of resources. This, in turn, brings measurable benefits in the form of cost optimization.


What will you gain by working with Seito Polska?

IMPLEMENTATION OF A SERVICE OPTIMALLY DESIGNED FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION – we have been working in outsourcing of internal logistics and production processes for several years, and we transform our knowledge of the industry and trends in its development into projects that bring savings and improve processes.

STAFF WITH THE APPROPRIATE COMPETENCES – we work with a team of over 1,600 qualified employees and we have developed a recruitment standard that allows you to select the right employees for your team.


CONTINUITY OF PROCESSES AND AVAILABILITY OF MACHINES – we have a nationwide network of service points as well as replacement equipment to be delivered to the customer in a short time.


IMPLEMENTATION OR DEVELOPMENT OF LEAN MANAGEMENT TOOLS – as one of the first service companies in Poland, we have implemented Lean tools. We are able to choose them in such a way so they lead to a quick improvement in efficiency.


ACCESS TO INNOVATIVE IT TOOLS –  custom-made to measure, analyze, manage and optimize processes.


ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE OPEN TO INNOVATION AND SHARING KNOWLEDGE  - implemented in the areas outsourced by Seito, building a sense of identity and thus integrating employees.

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