Optimization of operations and resources


Optimization of operations and resources

Optimization of operations and resources

During a 30-day long audit we install an employee workstation and mobile devices for forklift trucks and heavy machinery on the production/warehouse premises. It allows to recreate and monitor in real time the routes of machines as well as the level of their utilization.


The auditors are equipped with a specialized software to make a snapshot of a working day and analyze the activities on particular workstations. Then, the gathered data is analyzed in order to introduce optimization of operations and resources.

What do we gain from an audit?

  • Recording machine running time and operators’ log on time
  • Fleet utilization, shift utilization and maximum utilization metrics
  • Tracking the movement of the machine/forklift in the warehouse/workshop
  • Daily utilization of individual forklift trucks, verification of possible optimization of the number of machines
  • Heat maps indicating the frequency of the machine appearing in a specific area
  • Analysis of anomalies in a set work cycle
  • Recording activities carried out on particular workstations – snapshot of work activities
  • Classification of activities – analysis of the ratio of main, auxiliary and supplementary activities
  • Recording of disturbances and all forms of waste
  • Recording the frequency of occurrence of individual operations
  • Chronometric of the main activity, possibility of setting time and quantity standards
  • Selection of machines and equipment to particular tasks
  • Optimization of processes and activities by means of a simulator
  • Optimization of resources (human and equipment)


As part of an extended audit, we also offer:

Evaluation of all operations performed within the warehouse process, including preparatory and completion activities, picking, deliveries, releases, advising, etc.

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of information flow in the process
  • Evaluation of IT tools supporting the process
  • Identification of problems
  • Identification of waste sources in the process i.e., unnecessary transport, unloaded transport, walking, searching, waiting
  • Creation of optimization solutions.
  • Identification of the possibilities to automate processes

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