We base our business activity on two principles – quality and safety of work, owing to which we can build organizational culture that enables us to optimize the costs and processes of our clients. It is possible due to the fact that we work in accordance with Lean Management philosophy, which eliminates all means of wastage and allows to promote added value of each service. Modern technological solutions also help us in this regard, as we are able to analyse the effectiveness of work and to supervise the machine park. Such an approach allows us to provide the optimal quality of service within the first three months of cooperation. We strongly believe that logistic and production outsourcing can go hand in hand with the highest quality; it is therefore, the kind of service that we offer to our clients.






Quality policy

Our company relies on long-standing experience which makes us focus on high quality of our services. The processes related to quality management are in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The effectiveness and improvement of the system is guaranteed by regular audits and the conclusions that stem from them.

What is more, the precisely determined and measurable criteria guarantee the clarity of principles which we are guided by.

Safety policy

On the basis of our experience gained in production and warehouse areas we established work safety and environmental policies, whose aim is to maintain high standards of working conditions and health care.

The motivation and training systems of the company maintain employee involvement in the area of safety, whilst good work organization helps to eliminate industrial accidents and also to improve safety and working conditions.

Lean Management tools enable us to create a flexible organization that provides optimized services which meet clients’ expectations.

We base our management processes on 5S, Kaizen sessions, TPM, standardization and effective tools for solving problems.