Outsourcing of internal logistics is a solution that more and more entrepreneurs are becoming convinced of. Appropriate experience and very good work organization speak for entrusting us with the outsourcing of warehouse services.

By providing the internal transport and storage outsourcing service, we ensure a comprehensive approach to the organization of internal logistics. We have experience in planning and coordinating transport between workstations, inside production and warehouse halls, as well as between various units of a production plant. The solutions proposed when designing internal and warehouse logistics outsourcing are fully adapted to the technology of the customer’s production process.

Already in the planning phase of cooperation, we offer entrepreneurs consultancy in the field of storage logistics. Its scope includes, among others, audits, on the basis of which we plan the organization of the logistics process and the possibility of its optimization regarding the management and storage of goods. Our logistics outsourcing specialists present clients with potential development solutions, on the basis of which decisions are made on the scale of improvements and the possibilities of their implementation. When improving the warehouse and internal logistics processes, we implement Lean Management tools, as well as use our own software to support the rationalization of internal transport cycles.

As part of the internal logistics service, we provide, in addition to storage, the management and maintenance of the machine park. We have a fleet of over 2,000 machines of various types – heavy equipment, specialized equipment and handling vehicles and can guarantee constant access to the necessary ones thanks to service points located throughout the country. Our experience shows that the appropriate selection of equipment used in logistics, storage and internal transport, allows for the most optimal service.

Our offer includes:

  • Logistic audits
  • Standardization of work processes
  • Optimization of processes and resources
  • Taking over client’s employees or introducing our personnel
  • Employee training system
  • Implementation of Lean Management tools
  • Our own machinery park
  • Service and maintenance of the customer’s machinery park
  • Warehouse management

By outsourcing logistics services and warehouse processes, we take full responsibility for the proper implementation of the processes entrusted to us.

Entrust us with the outsourcing of warehousing services and logistics processes – we will take care of every detail.

See our offer for more details

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