Production process outsourcing is a service that implies the organization of work in production areas on the premises of our clients. We approach the implementation of such service in a comprehensive manner, taking responsibility not only for the operation of a production line, but also for the proper course of all production-related processes. Our tasks include the provision of employees who work directly on production lines, quality control, as well as order picking, palletizing and loading of the finished product.

We are aware that the organization of production processes is a responsible task. That is why we pay special attention to the safety and quality of our services. Our employees systematically participate in training and projects that increase their awareness of work safety; including proper operation of the production line.

When implementing the production outsourcing service, we support our activities with Lean Management tools by systematically standardizing work processes with the use of our own software. The results of standardization are analyzed in order to plan further process optimization. Our experience shows that already during the first months of cooperation with the client, we can increase efficiency by up to 30 percent and at the same time guarantee the continuity of service.

As part of the services provided, we offer:

  • Outsourcing of production workers
  • Organization of work in the production area
  • Quality control
  • Support for the finished product packaging process and order picking
  • Loading of the finished product
  • Implementation of Lean Management tools
  • Managing production processes
  • Optimization of processes and resources
  • Adaptation of resources to changing demand
  • Customization

By providing the production outsourcing service, we take full responsibility for the correct implementation of production processes.

Entrust us with production outsourcing – we will take care of every detail.

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