Turniej Mistrzów 2015 – results

Thank you for your interest in this year’s contest. It’s great to know that it is becoming more and more popular.

We are happy to announce the winners:

Elementary school

Rafał Pawlak – Warszawa –  1st place

Marta Szynal – Dębica – 2nd place

Stanisław Szmyt – Mosina – 3rd place

Middle school

Dawid Trafalski – Warszawa – 1st place

Marta Jajczyk – Mosina – 2nd place

Aleksandra Szmyt – Mosina – 3rd place

Secondary school

Katarzyna Kukułka – Dębica – 1st place

Szymon Wośko – Dębica – 2nd place

Anna Nikiel – Dębica – 3rd place

Thank you for participation and good luck with you further education!

The awards (laptops and tablets) will be waiting in respective branches.