Employees for your business


Employees for your business

We provide comprehensive services with the use of our own machines, tools and software to define high standards of employee development. However, we always adjust to the needs and expectations of our customers. We can therefore limit the scope of our services to employee management with the use of client’s infrastructure and tools.

Customer needs survey

We determine the scope of services, demand for employees, type of required competences as well as map the necessary processes.


We prepare production hall or warehouse layout, analyze the use of human resources and machines, offer the possibility to set time and quality standards and optimize operations. We offer the possibility to select machines and forklift trucks and conduct audits of work safety.


We are responsible for running a recruitment process in recruitment and training centres located in Poland, the Philippines and Ukraine as well as for verification of skills, conducting training on occupational health and safety, operations and procedures. In case of foreigners, we include them in the Assimilation Programme.

Service implementation

Service implementation comprises setting up of a software to manage work safety, employee development and the fleet of operated machines as well as launching a mobile application for the client to verify the quality of service, send comments, make observations and assign tasks.

Billing of services based on units.

After carrying out the necessary analysis, we are ready to offer our clients the settlements of services based on Logistics and production units. Such a solution facilitates expenditures management and increases transparency of settlements.

Productivity, quality and safety leaders.

Employee development, building a team of leaders in the area of productivity, quality and safety. Optimization of resources, remuneration increase in the team of leaders, reduced staff turnover, continuous professional development.

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