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Forklift trucks


As part of our capital group with Emtor, we offer our customers access to Yale® forklift trucks for a variety of applications. The full range includes electric and internal combustion engine powered forklifts with different load capacities and lift heights, reach trucks with lift heights up to 13 metres, compact stacker trucks, narrow aisle trucks, tractors and electric pallet trucks with pedestrian or operator platforms.



These vehicles are designed for the internal transport of very long components. Such forklifts are equipped with a unique feature on the market – a four-way steering system which allows to transport goods sideways. This functionality enables precise maneuvering of the load and significant space savings.



This is a well-known brand of electric forklifts adapted to be driven manually or by a seated operator. Ideal for a variety of material handling and load transfer needs.


FARAONE – Elevah

Elevah is a manufacturer of storage platforms, professional ladders, scaffolding and personnel platforms. The equipment meets the safety standards required for work carried out at height. It is also perfect for picking, as well as for maintenance and service work.



Spijkstaal is a manufacturer of mobile electric vehicles. They are most commonly used in industries such as floriculture, healthcare, aviation, leisure, local management and car manufacturing.

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