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Immigrant Assimilation

Immigrant Assimilation Programme

More and more foreigners are finding employment in Poland. Our company also has recruitment and training branches in Ukraine and the Philippines.  That is where our employees undergo their first training, the aim of which is to help them take their first steps at work and in everyday life in Poland.


We strive to make our international employees stay with our company and our country for as long as possible. Therefore, our assimilation programmes are constructed in such a way as to provide substantive knowledge allowing to work, obtain appropriate permits related to the operation of machines, learn the basics of the Polish language as well as to deal with legal issues related to residence.

The basic course for foreigners covers the following topics:

  • Basic Polish language course
  • Information concerning the workplace as well as employee rights and obligations
  • Courses leading to certification by the Office of Technical Inspection or other machines requiring state certification exams
  • Official legal matters – e.g., obtaining a PESEL number, tax settlements, obtaining a registered address, applying for permanent residence in Poland, etc.
  • Information on everyday life – e.g., doctor’s appointment, opening a bank account, using public transport, public holidays, etc.



After the initial training and arrival in Poland, foreign employees are not left unattended. Each of them receives access to an application which consolidates the knowledge gained during the training and enables them to find out more about our country.


  • each employee has a direct contact to a person in his/her department who will provide quick advice or assistance in emergencies,
  • each employee is in touch with a mentor who facilitates integration into the workplace and place of residence,
  • each employee is provided with assistance with administrative and legal issues,
  • each employee is provided with a place of residence.

Comprehensive preparation for work

In Seito Polska we also organize social events, which emphasize the value of cultural differences, fight intolerance, and present our employees’ countries of origin, we spend time together on multinational trips, cultural and entertainment events.

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