Occupational safety management

Work safety

Occupational safety management

Safety management on Client’s premises

As part of our services, we support or take full responsibility for processes related to work safety on the client’s premises. Through dedicated software, employee zones and with the support of a coordinator, we conduct the process of recruitment, verification of theoretical and practical knowledge, employee development as well as cooperate with employment agencies and service providers to develop or implement Lean Managements tools.

As part of the service, we offer:

  • Introduction of a coordinator to the company’s premises for the continuous management of work safety and process quality
  • Implementation of safety management software for manual workers
  • Installation of mobile equipment for forklifts and machinery and installation of a Worker Zone – a station used for training, examination, testing, signing and approval of documents
  • Development programmes for machine operator and line workers
  • Accident reduction programmes, analysis of hazardous events
  • Evaluation of services provided by external providers and employment agencies
  • Verification of qualifications, examinations, documents of employees of external companies
  • Verification of employees’ practical knowledge and skills
  • Conducting audits, continuous employee training system, Kaizen sessions, conducting periodic training
  • Implementation of solutions to increase safety at work – interactive signs, pedestrian detection systems, signs, boards, etc.
  • Behavioural tests (verification of work motivation, safety awareness), health and safety tests, verification of knowledge of procedures
  • Communicator – facilitating employer-employee communication

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