Acquisitions and restructuring


Acquisitions and restructuring

The offer dedicated to companies facing organizational changes or preparing themselves for restructuring, as well as to subsidiaries separated organizationally from large business entities. As a service provider taking over tasks, an organized part of the company or the entire entity, we take responsibility for legal services, restructuring, introducing the highest organizational standards, creating a development strategy and negotiating with trade unions. Being responsible for the acquisition of the company, we also give it the opportunity to use the tools and know-how developed by Seito. This allows small organizations to expand their technology solutions and adapt quickly to changes on the market.

As part of the services, we offer:

  • Company restructuring
  • Assistance in developing and implementing organizational changes in the company
  • Complete legal service of acquisitions and reorganizations
  • Negotiations with trade unions
  • Optimization of company management
  • Cost reduction

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