Machinery fleet management

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Machinery fleet management

Our machines are part of our Fleet Management Programme on the basis of which:

  • We verify their operating culture
  • We examine the utilization level
  • We evaluate the driving style of individual operators
  • We control access to machines
  • We efficiently manage service actions
  • We communicate with machine operators
  • We manage the process of charging Li-Ion batteries
zarządzanie flotą maszyn

The software and mobile application allow us to gather the data necessary for the selection of machines and their optimal use.

We analyze the working time of each machine during all shifts. We compare daily utilization with other forklifts, constantly looking for synergies and consequently reducing the operating costs of the fleet. The simulator allows us to choose the right machine for the job.

By means of a mobile application when approaching the forklift we already get information about its utilization level, charging process as well as operator’s data and his/her achievements.

The application also allows to send service requests and communicate with service department.

zarządzanie flotą maszyn

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