Logistics outsourcing


Logistics outsourcing

In-house Logistics outsourcing

As part of our in-house logistics service, we take responsibility for the complete flow of materials during storage and production processes – from receipt of goods, through storage, distribution between workstations, to packing, picking and shipping.

We tailor our services to the Client’s procedures and technologies while implementing possible optimization at a given stage of our cooperation.

We have the experience necessary to organize transport inside production and storage halls, as well as between distant units of a production plant. Depending on the needs, we support our operations with traditional materials handling vehicles, specialized and heavy machinery or AGV robots.

Since we have service departments located throughout the country, we guarantee quick repairs, inspections and maintenance of any type of transport equipment used at the clients’.


As part of our in-house logistics outsourcing services, we offer:

  • Audits
  • A concept for the implementation and development of the service
  • Optimization of processes and resources
  • Takeover of client staff or introduction of our teams of trained employees
  • Employee training systems – including a Virtual Manager and a system for improving skills and shaping attitudes based on elements of gamification
  • Implementation of interactive tools to monitor the work and equipment
  • Implementation or development of Lean Management tools
  • Design for optimal use of our machine park or the maintenance of Client’s machine park


Familiarize yourself with the scope of our services.

When providing services, we take full responsibility for the correct realization of in-house logistics processes entrusted to us.

As part of a capital group, we guarantee access to the full range of Yale machines.

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