Safety audits


Safety audits

Safety audits

During a 30-day long audit we install an employee workstation and mobile devices for forklift trucks and heavy machinery on the production/warehouse premises. Data regarding the operators’ work culture is collected automatically throughout the audit period. Thus, we know which machines are most loaded and prone to damage and also which operators should be interviewed for correction of their driving style. Other pieces of information are collected by auditors during audits of the working environment, infrastructure and one-minute audits of employees.

In the installed Worker Zone, operators and other employees solve tests and fill in questionnaires which, combined with the auditors’ observations and data regarding the operation of machines, make it possible to indicate the areas in which the employer’s or outsourcing service provider’s activity is necessary.


What do we gain from an audit?

  • Estimation of the risk of an accident
  • Analysis of machine operation culture and operators’ driving style
  • Identification of operators eligible for retraining
  • Observation of near-misses and why-why analysis
  • Identification of particularly hazardous areas and processes, analysis of preventive measures
  • Determination of the level of staff motivation and their awareness in the area of OHS
  • Determination of the level of organizational identity and further career plans of employees
  • Verification of employees’ knowledge in the area of quality and safety as well as the applied PPE
  • Training for the management and leaders in the area of safety management
  • Implementation of solutions for line workers: ranking in the area of OHS, Quality, Innovation, Motivation programmes
  • Implementation of solutions in the area of improving work safety: safety belts, lines, railing
  • Implementation of modern IT solutions in terms of employee and machine work safety

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