Production process


Production process

Production process outsourcing

Outsourcing of production processes is a service to which we take a comprehensive approach – not only do we provide qualified employees dealing directly with the operation of the line, but we also take care of the proper performance of all related processes. We are therefore also responsible for the delivery and receipt of semi-finished products, quality control, receipt of finished goods and their storage, completion, dispatch or loading.


When organizing a service takeover at a client’s site, we pay great attention to the preparation of the team of employees who will be working directly on the line. We therefore organize training courses that broaden their knowledge of occupational safety.

An added value for a client who chose our services is the continuous optimization of production area. By standardizing work processes, analysing data collected during regular inspections and safety audits, we are able to identify opportunities for improvement of the supported processes.


Outsourcing of production process is perfectly integrated with the outsourcing of in-house logistics. Entrusting both with us allows you to accelerate and multiply the optimization of operating costs.

As part of our production process outsourcing services, we guarantee:

  • Provision of suitably qualified staff
  • Organization of work in production areas
  • Quality control
  • Operation of the finished product packaging and order picking process
  • Loading or shipping the finished product
  • Implementation or development of Lean Management tools
  • Optimization of processes and resources
  • Adapting resources to changing demand
  • Employee training systems – including a Virtual Manager and a programme for improving skills and shaping attitudes based on elements of gamification
  • Implementation of interactive tools to monitor the work of people and equipment
  • Comprehensive management of production and production-related processes


Familiarize yourself with the scope of our services.

By outsourcing production, we ensure that our staff have the right qualifications to guarantee continuity of production and we take full responsibility for the implementation of production and production-related processes.

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