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Employee Development

Employee Development Programme

All employees of Seito, who work within the scope of services provided by the company, are included in the Employee Development Program. Our goal is to make sure that everyone, regardless of the complexity and difficulty of their work, its repetitiveness – and sometimes even monotony – has a sense of co-creating value and contribution to the development of the company – their own and our clients’ companies.


It is important for us to involve our employees in every aspect of work. We pay great attention to safety, quality and also to the initiative and creativity of our employees. Each of our employees – thanks to Worker Zones – has access to the Siega system, as well as to a mobile application. It is thanks to them that the operators can check the results of their work, i.e., verify their driving style on an ongoing basis. The application also encourages them to achieve further goals by working safe hours – without recorded bumps, knocks or accidents.

Employee involvement in increasing safety at work, improving efficiency, assistance in introduction of new employees is recorded in the application, discussed during regular assessment sessions and reflected in the remuneration system. As part of the programme, we continuously work on increasing motivation and commitment to work, sense of responsibility for the implemented processes and awareness in the area of occupational safety.


Every day, so-called “one-minute” audits are conducted in order to verify employees’ readiness to work and to review their suggestions in the area of work ergonomics, increased safety or hazard elimination. As a result, each year we introduce several hundred initiatives to our clients’ plants.

  • Increasing employees’ awareness in the area of health, safety and quality
  • Strengthening motivation and commitment
  • Encouraging further development and safe work
  • Programmes and simulations
  • Skills development programme
  • Cyclical evaluations
  • Kaizen initiatives and sessions
  • Optimisation of the work performed in each area

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